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Leather Choker | RM Williams Brown Leather Collar

Leather Choker | RM Williams Brown Leather Collar

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Lalibido Leather Chokers are a beautiful mix of jewellery and bedroom wear, worn for aesthetic enjoyment or sensual play. Wear your designer choker during the day, later to be linked with your lover at night. 

All Lalibido leather accessories are designed and handmade in Australia using ethically sourced, naturally tanned leather and quality hardware.

RM Williams full grain leather and polished solid brass hardware.
Please contact for custom order at no extra charge.
15mm wide leather with adjustable length of 33-40cm (13' - 15') 
Solid Brass Dees & Buckle.
All orders are gift wrapped and discreetly packaged.

A fashionable accessory during the day and when the evening falls they can be used for play...
 •• Discreet •• Unique •• Risqué ••