Discreet, yet ultimately daring, our pieces are created to be worn as everyday accessories in public and double as deliciously naughty adornments behind closed doors.

At Lalibido, we are the risqué boutique stocking an extensive range of naughty accessories for your ultimate behind closed doors pleasure. We have leather collars and cuffs, BDSM cuffs, BDSM collars, kinky cuffs & collars, wrist and ankle cuffs and a selection of bondage cuff set for your maximum adult pleasure. Some of our accessories can be worn in public while doubling up as bedroom attire for you and your partner to enjoy.

Our bondage cuffs and bondage collar can be worn discreetly meaning that only you and those that you wish to tell, know! It can be daring, fun and exciting and create a real sense of eroticism. Adult pleasure is what we all enjoy; some of us are surer than others, but for most, they at least want to try. Our adult cuffs and adult collars and kinky cuffs & collars are ideal for novices or those who are perhaps a little more experienced in these matters!

As people experienced in BDSM and bondage, we know what’s good and what’s not, understanding that everyone has their particular fetish, but mainly it is along the same lines. Leather collars and cuffs can bring out your dominant or submissive side, perhaps with you and your partner exchanging roles. Adult cuffs and adult collars can be worn in public by those who like to explore the exhibitionist in them, and voyeurs will undoubtedly enjoy them!

Our range of BDSM cuffs and collars can be worn in fetish clubs or at home and the perfect accessory to your outfit to really get pulses racing. Kinky cuffs and collars are fantastic for couples looking to play in private exploring each other’s fantasies and desires; perhaps finding a new side to your partner that you didn’t know existed.

Our wrist and ankle cuffs and our bondage set let you enjoy sensual pleasures and soft kink. We have a selection of bondage accessories to go with your bondage cuffs and bondage collar, which you can explore in the bedroom, around your home as well as beyond! We are unleashing new products and ranges all the time so we would encourage you to keep visiting our site to find out what’s available.

All of our designs are original and risqué, meaning that you have something unique and can be proud of. They are handmade here in Australia, and our leather collars and cuffs are made from locally and ethically sourced leather that feels luxurious on your skin. As well as the products that are available on our site, we encourage custom orders. Our products are despatched across Australia and indeed the world and are in discreet packaging.

If you are looking to surrender to seduction, why not let Lalibido help bring your fantasy to life? Our team will be happy to offer you advice, answer your questions as well as discuss custom orders. You can call us on +61 410372497, email on hello@ladylibido.com.au or alternatively, you can contact us directly via our website.

We look forward to hearing from you.