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Openly Embrace Pleasure

Lalibido embraces the idea of play, we keep this in mind when designing our pieces. The creation of beautiful objects playing on two sides - fashion and sensuality, weaving together quality, elegance & functionality.

We believe that when people fully embrace their own pleasure they can lead richer, more expressive, empowered lives. Our innovative, original, and risqué designs are handmade with craftsmanship from local and ethically sourced, naturally coloured leather for the finest quality cuffs, collars and harnesses that feel luxurious on bare skin.

Our philosophy is to bring sensuality out of the private sphere and into an expression in everyday life. No longer do we need to hide behind closed doors, as attitudes towards sex, sensuality and personal choices evolve. If sex is so good, why are sex shops seen to be so bad and devious? After all, sex is the most universal of acts, and most importantly, an act that in its purest form, is an expression of love. 

Lalibido designs and creates risqué jewellery and accessories for fashion designers and performing celebrities worldwide, taking pride in creating edgy and unique handmade custom pieces.

Fashion designer Karla Spectic had pulses racing and libidos rising at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week as she teasingly revealed glimpses of bare skin covered in nothing but the elegant pearl harness showcasing her new summer range.

Vera Blue wears the pearl harness throughout her American tour, and Mia Rodriguez wears the Frilly Cuffs in her new music film “Beautiful & Bittersweet”