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The openness of sexuality today

While we’re long removed from the prim and proper decades where we couldn’t even mention sex in public, there’s still been a more significant shift in attitudes in recent years. In fact, it’s been a long time since the subject of sex was taboo, but the last 10 years has seen a considerable change towards more open expressions of sexuality.

As humans, we crave physical connections, and that’s no longer something we need to shy away from. It’s now far more acceptable for people to express their desires openly. For example, technology in the form of dating apps has made it far more acceptable for people to openly pursue more casual relationships and different experiences. This is certainly a big step forward from the days when women would be criticised for not spending every waking hour seeking their future husband!

Pleasure’s not a dirty word

With these changing attitudes has also come an acceptance that pleasure isn’t something we need to keep behind locked doors. We can talk about pleasure openly without it being seen as crude or too personal. It’s not just in public that we’re seeing these shifts either.

Within relationships, couples are more willing to express their needs and desires openly. By removing the fear of judgement, partners can have their needs met by talking honestly about what they enjoy, or things they’d like to try.

Adventurous expression in everyday life

Since we’ve started to embrace sensuality more inside our homes, it naturally flows into the public space too. Much of the embarrassment that used to come from discussing pleasure and sensuality has disappeared, giving people more confidence to talk about it. It’s also empowered people to become braver and more adventurous with how they live their sexual life.

Admiringly, we’re seeing a move towards a world where people express their sensuality more in everyday life. From the way we dress to the way we choose our sexual partners; a lot has changed in recent years. There’s so much more individuality around, and people are more widely accepted for their own unique interests. 

Style choices embracing sensuality

Style plays a big role in this shift towards more openness, because dressing sensually is much more accepted. Just because you have a respectable job, you don’t have to hide behind boring clothes that don’t reflect who you are. That’s what we love about the openness now! You can embrace a sexy style without being shamed, and without even sacrificing your sophistication. You can even make kinky accessories like a BDSM collar necklace part of your regular wardrobe.

The openness of sexuality 

Here at Lalibido, part of our philosophy is helping to bring sensuality out of the private sphere and into every day life. Thankfully, no longer do we need to hide behind closed doors anymore, because attitudes towards sex, sensuality and personal choices are constantly evolving.

We believe that when people fully embrace their own pleasure they can lead richer, more expressive, empowered lives.

Lalibido embraces the idea of play, we keep this in mind when designing our pieces. The creation of beautiful objects playing on two sides, weaving together quality, elegance & functionality. 

Be as badass as you want to be!

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