Slimline Bondage Leather Cuffs Tan-Silver

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Lalibido luxury restraints can be used in bondage play as a stunning set of handcuffs and also worn as striking statement jewellery. Wear your designer cuff during the day, to be linked with your lover at night. There’s something deliciously illicit about the fact that nobody else knows what they’re for…

All Lalibido bondage accessories are handmade with craftsmanship from the finest ethically sourced, naturally coloured leather and quality hardware.

  • Adjustable standard wrist size 15 - 22cm (6 - 8.66inch)
  • 30mm wide outside leather, 15mm inside leather.
  • Includes silver snap-hook for handcuffs 
  • Please contact for custom order.

                                          •• Discreet •• Unique •• Risqué ••